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Chi Sau "Challenge Matches?" B*tch, Please...

In Wing Chun circles, it seems to me that asking someone to ”roll” or “do a little chi sau” has become the de facto way to passive-aggressively challenge someone.  I mean, it’s the perfect opportunity to try to get a hit in on someone without appearing like what they are – which is an arrogant ass – and on the flip side of things, it’s the perfect “out”  for someone to justify why they got smacked around, so they can say, “I was doing the drill; he was too tense and stiff, he broke structure,” or whatever other bullshit excuse they tell themselves to save a little self-respect and justify their coming out on the losing end of the interaction. This is my my response to the whole notion or idea of a Chi Sau "Challenge Match" is nothing more than an eye roll and a "bitch, please!"

How To Choose A Wing Chun Instructor...

The most difficult part of Wing Chun training is not in the hours and hours of dedicated, difficult and at times seemingly fruitless training.  It is not the facing of one’s fears and mental barriers, it is not the fear of contact or being hit and it is not developing skill through repetition. The most difficult part of Wing Chun training is finding a true instructor; someone who can, as Bruce Lee once famously said, act as “…a finger pointing a way to the moon,” guiding you along the way to discover the truths of the Wing Chun system for yourself and showing you how to unlock your true potential.



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