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Fuel Your Body RIGHT!

One of the most neglected aspects of living the "Warrior Way" is the fuel you put into your body.

Once you’ve become one of the wise few and have gotten hip to that truth, the problem then becomes: where do I start?

Walk into any sports supplement store or retail chain and see how fast it takes your head to spin. The nutrition supplement industry is one that is crawling with misinformation, deceptive practices, heavy (and I do mean HEAVY) dollars spent on shady advertising and all-around “paralysis by analysis” due to the sheer number of products out there.

Even worse, many of the products on shelves today contain ingredients that are synthetic, unpronounceable and can have serious adverse effects to one’s health, all in name of getting bigger, faster & stronger.

What a total bullshit racket!


How I Reclaimed MY Health and Wellness And Brought Myself Back Into The Fight

I train for functionality, practicality & effectiveness in combat and nothing else…yet when it came to my health I was like so many other folks out there:  drawn in by the promises on every new supplement that I tried, entranced by the latest slick ads that graced the pages of any magazine I flipped through and led down this way or that by silver-tongued salespeople at every nutrition store (who make a commission based on the more high-dollar items they sell you...funny how they forget to mention that part).

All I got to show for it were a significant portion of my paycheck gone each month and results that disappeared once I stopped taking the latest “hot new item.”

Fed up, I said “screw this!” (actually the words were a bit more harsh than that but you get the point) and stopped taking anything altogether-until I discovered a product which would literally fuel my body optimally all throughout the height of my competition and training days and would become a staple in my daily wellness regimen.

This stuff made no promises to help me drop 20lbs in a week.

It didn’t guarantee or claim to add X amount of muscle mass to my frame.

All it did was promise to “bridge the gap” between what I was eating and what I should be eating for optimal health & wellness, which in turn provided my body with the raw materials it needed to function at a high level. 

Better still, this stuff had a mountain of scientific data to support it (in fact, it is the single most researched nutritional product in the WORLD, so I knew it was the real deal- and I’ve been around the block a time or two so I know what I’m talking about).  

As a self-defense and functional fitness devotee whose “bullshit meter” is finely tuned due to the nature of my training as it relates to promises vs reality, this fell right in the groove of how I approach fighting and training, so I promptly got onboard with it and had never felt better.  I wasn’t “hopped up” or “wired” in the least; I just felt balanced and overall optimal.

Back in my competition days. Treat your body right, it’ll treat you right.

Fast forward 10 years: Here I was-overweight due to years of stress, feeling tired, sluggish, achy joints from sitting WAY too much and moving way too less, always feeling foggy in the mind and overall just plain sub-par. How many folks out there can relate, right?

I got to thinking about the “good old days” of training and competing and remembered quite literally out of the blue that I felt best when I was fueling my body the right way.  I sent a Facebook message to a friend who had hooked me up so many years ago, followed it up with a phone call and promptly got my ass in gear and got back on track.

Within a few short months I was kicking ass and taking names.  My brain fog was gone, my sluggishness was zero and my energy was through the roof.  My mood and outlook in general increased as well, and my productivity in both training and daily life doubled. 

I’m back in the swing now and have no plans to stop this time (in fact, I had actually stopped taking this stuff way back when since I was feeling so good I thought I didn’t need to anymore – a “rookie mistake” since I realized that it was because of this product that I felt so good.  Lesson learned!)

Back in the saddle: not too shabby for almost 46, especially since my “workouts” require no equipment and only take about 10-15 minutes a day (but more on that later).

Again, no “magic bullet” or grandiose miracle weight loss promises, just the results of consistent activity and training made possible when the body is fueled the right way, nothing more. It’s really both that simple, and that profound.

It’s ironic that with all of the info out there on training routines, plans, videos, DVD’s and the like, it’s the whole “fuel the body” thing that so many people get shipwrecked on.  Now I hear that, and I totally get how so many folks out there shoot themselves in the foot by not feeding their bodies what they need…but not me, not anymore.

Now I'm a busy dude.  I don't weigh my food by the gram when I cook, I am lucky to carve out 15-20 minutes a day to be active and wouldn't know what the f*ck a "macro" is if you hit me in the head with it-and you know what? I couldn't care less. This stuff caters to my schedule and on-the-go lifestyle, not the other way around...which is exactly as it should be.

Does This Sound Like Anyone You May Know…Maybe, Personally?

  • If you are tired of feeling like you have the drive but not the energy…
  • If you are fed up with feeling sub-par or dare I say even “drag-assy”…
  • If you have no desire to put things into your body that are full of shit you can’t pronounce and are concerned with the long-term health ramifications of such so-called “magic bullet” type supplements and are eager to get back to honest, healthy and simple whole-foods based nutrition whose sole aim is to feed your body the RIGHT way as Nature intended…

I PROMISE you, you’ll love how healthy you feel.  As for looks, I adhere to this idea which I have subscribed to for years:

“if you train for health, the looks will come.”

Take Care of YOU – ‘Cause It’s Not Just About You.

All I know is at the age of 45 – almost 46 – I feel just as good as I did in my mid twenties when I was pulling all-day sessions in Chinatown, giving and taking ass-beatings and loving every minute of it. Most importantly, I am feeding my body EXACTLY what it needs on a cellular level each and every day to truly thrive and flourish, allowing me to approach each day the "Warrior Way" so I can take care of myself and my family. I don't know about you, but I can't ask for anything better.

You owe it to yourself to feel the same way.

Your responsibility to take care of and provide for your family, friends and loved ones starts with YOU – ’cause it’s not just about you, and the reality is that health issues can be just as crippling as injuries sustained in an accident or a self-defense scenario.  Protecting the well-being of your loved ones begins with protecting your own health and wellness. Think, train and approach each day that way and the world is yours, my friend.

Do yourself, your family and loved ones a favor and give it a look below. 

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