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Back Pocket ZEN

Finding yourself constantly overwhelmed by feelings of stress, doubt or anxiety...with no idea how to manage it all?

Back Pocket ZEN is a hands-on workshop designed to help drastically lower their levels of stress, worry, doubt, fear and anxiety and replace them with feelings of calmness, clarity, peace of mind and empowerment - all in mere minutes! (literally, in a few minutes...)

Using only a few basic techniques, tips, tricks and other hacks you will go from stressed, anxious & worried to calm, peaceful and centered-and the best part is that these techniques can be done anyplace, anywhere, anytime.

Right now, you're struggling with feelings of overwhelm, stress, uncertainty and fear.

I get it. We all are.

The world we live in right now is a crazy place, and that's putting it mildly. The list goes on and on as to what we are all dealing with today.

The level of stress and fear in our world is unprecedented and the worst part of all this craziness is that so many good, genuine and hardworking people around the world wrestle with these feelings every day, feeling like they can't do anything but put their heads down and just try to "get through it."


The reality is that no one has to endure feelings of stress, anxiety, doubt, fear and worry. There is a way - an ancient way - to alleviate these and replace them with peace of mind and clarity in as little as 1 minute... literally one minute is all it takes for this shift to begin.

Imagine if you could instantly zap those feelings as soon as you get them and change both your physical and mental state in the time it takes to watch a commercial. That would be something, wouldn't it? 

Imagine being able to instantly put yourself in a state of calm and cheerful relaxation at will, using only a few simple tools, quicker than whipping up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Sound good to you?

Sure as hell does to me.

Before we get into the "nuts and bolts" of this whole thing, I think it's important that you know exactly who I am and, quite frankly, what my credentials are in bringing this information to you. 

Who Am I ? (And Why Should You Listen To Me?)

My name is Robert Bartkowski and I have over 26 years' experience in the martial arts, mind/body wellness, fitness and energy healing fields.

I have been a student of various martial art systems since 1994, and an instructor of kung fu & tai chi since 2005. I am a certified clinical massage therapist as well as a certified personal fitness trainer, and also hold a Master Practitioner certificate in the Reiki system of energywork/energy healing. 

I know from personal experience (both professionally in these fields and, most importantly, as someone who has dealt with anxiety and compulsive worry for as far back as I can remember) that this stuff is the real deal - in fact, this whole course was born out of my own personal blueprint for using these ideas and techniques to alleviate these feelings in my own life. 

I, like you, have seen and experienced overwhelming fear, anxiety, stress and doubt. I know what it is like to wrestle with these feelings-that's why I began my martial art training in the first place! Ever since I was a young boy I was fascinated by the whole "mind/body/spirit" connection that the practice of martial arts brought to people.

As the years went by, and especially over the last year or so, I felt so helpless watching so many good and decent hardworking people endure these feelings, resigning themselves to thinking, "well, that's just the way it is…"

Sorry folks, but that's just batshit crazy and an idea I find totally unacceptable.

After seeing two close friends struggle with anxiety and stress this past year, witnessing firsthand the toll that all of this was taking on their relationships and health (both physical and mental) and dealing with some very high levels of stress and anxiety in my own life - which I alleviated completely using exactly  what I will show you in this program - I said to myself, "what the hell good is all your training doing if it's only good for you?"

With this in mind, I sifted through my years of experience and put together a "back pocket" resource focused on dramatically reducing feelings & symptoms of stress and anxiety quickly and effectively while at the same time enhancing feelings of calmness, positivity, centeredness and overall peace of mind.

The exact program I teach in this compact, hands-on course is something that I personally use daily and have shown to literally hundreds of people over the last fifteen or so years so I know without a doubt these techniques work, and work fast.

 One quick note: let me just say that the issue of mental health is a very serious one. I am not a doctor and, as such, I must offer the following disclaimer:

 The information contained in this course is for information purposes only and is in no way intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition. Always consult a licensed medical professional before beginning this or any other health or wellness routine, program or regimen.   

I am speaking only as someone with many years' experience in various healing modalities who has amassed a set of skills that I feel can be of immense benefit to anyone looking to feel calmer, more relaxed and less stressful.

With that said, let's get on with it!

Here is what you will receive when you purchase the Back Pocket ZEN program:

  • 8 quick, "bite-sized" videos focusing on each simple and easy (yet unbelievably effective) technique in this system. These are designed to be watched and implemented immediately so rest assured there is no fluff or fancy stuff here, just real, usable & workable info. (227.00 value)

  • A detailed Action Guide ebook meant to be used in conjunction with the videos to provide a much clearer and detailed picture of each of the basic techniques and principles, which is something you can refer back to any time. (37.00 value)

  • My "7 Day Squeegee" Workbook designed to help you begin implementing each of these techniques immediately into your daily routine. I initially drafted this workbook in a spiral notebook  for myself to keep track of how I felt on a daily basis and to keep me on track. The beauty of this system is that while it only takes a few minutes a day, they do not need to be done all at once. Believe me folks this is gold! In as little as one minute at a time you can begin reaping the benefits of this system.  (37.00 value)

  • My personal "60-Second Splinter Rule Daily Checklist" As a self-professed (and quite unapologetic) lazy guy, this one is my secret weapon. I personally designed this daily checklist for my own use to make the whole process even simpler, and is something I fall back on daily. (17.00 value)

  • A BONUS Video, "How To Develop Flow" This little gem is designed to help you truly get the most out of each of these techniques. In it I detail exactly how to mesh relaxation and movement to bring both your understanding of and ability to apply these techniques to the next level. (27.00 value)

I Know What You're Thinking...

"I'm already busy enough as it is. Is this really something that can be done in a few minutes?"


That's the whole point, gang! We all want to feel better NOW-not in six weeks, or even 30 days but right now.

"I have a hard time learning new things. Can I really pick this up fast?" 

YES! I walk you through each technique tip, trick and hack in my program step-by- step in a very easy, comfortable and down-to-earth way.

I filmed each of these videos in my own personal training space, where I teach my private martial arts students and energywork clients. I'm bringing you into "my world," so to speak, a bit and leaving no stone unturned, so that you can literally begin using these techniques as soon as you watch them!

"Can I use this even if I have issues with mobility or getting around?"


These techniques can be used while sitting, standing or even lying down (In fact, do all three regularly) with zero stress on the body, and no exerting yourself at all. 

In fact, that is a fail-safe way to know if you're doing this correctly: if you are stressing or tensing yourself at all, that is a cue to adjust your approach since these are meant to be done without any stress to the body or joints at all.

"Does this take a long time each day?"

Nope, not at all. If you have time enough to brush your teeth or watch a commercial on TV, you have time enough to do this stuff.

That is not an exaggeration or a joke; I designed this specifically to fit not only in a few minutes a day, but in pockets of your day.

I don't know about you but I can't tell you how many times I've been roped into the whole "20 minutes a day" tagline when purchasing yet another program or piece of workout equipment...only to find that those magical 20 minutes never seem to appear in my day.

Sound familiar?

Therein lies the problem: who among us has 20 minutes at a crack to spare at one time? I sure as hell don't. 

I personally do these for only a minute or two, several times a day, and that works perfectly. Actually, that is exactly why I designed this course the way I did.

"Do you need any special equipment, clothes or shoes to do this?"

I love this one. 

None. Zero. Nada. What you have on right now is perfect.

I have done these in workout clothes.

I have done these in jeans and a polo shirt.

I have done these in slacks and a button-down shirt.

I have even done each of these techniques in a penguin-tailed tuxedo (really, I have). It does not matter at all.

"Is this stressful on the body?"

Absolutely NOT.

Relaxation and calm are the orders of the day. This is designed to be completely zero impact and totally adaptable to all levels of health and fitness.

As a matter of fact, as a personal fitness trainer I have taught these techniques to senior citizens and those suffering from just about every medical condition you can think of, so I know they can-and do-work for everyone.

The techniques I teach you can be adapted to whatever situation you find yourself in, so don't worry about that.

"What if my attention span is horrible?"

I love this one too, because I am the same way so I get it!

These videos are short and to the point. I designed these so that you can walk through them with me each step of the way. This is why the Action Guide ebook is included for you to reinforce each technique, concept and principle for those times that you may not have the ability to watch the videos. That's also why I designed the 7-Day "Squeegee" Workbook and, for the exceptionally lazy (like me), the 60-Second "Splinter Rule" Daily Checklist to be used anytime you need a quick, on the spot tune-up.

"This sounds good and all, but how long does this REALLY take before I can actually use it?" 


No, really-immediately.

These techniques, tricks and tips are designed to be used literally as soon you go through each mini-lesson.

They only take a few seconds to learn, and a few minutes to practice. After that, you've got it.

"Why should I focus on this? I mean, c'mon...isn't that isn't this something that is more of a luxury than a necessity, especially now?"

This is my favorite question to answer.

I totally understand how you may feel that way. I have always been the "workhorse," putting my own needs aside for that of my family's.


What I have come to realize through several years of hard-won and sometimes painful experience is that without addressing these issues (stress, worry, doubt, fear and anxiety), every other area of your life is affected. 

That is no joke, especially now in the face of shutdowns, lockdowns and other restrictions on travel and social interaction.

Don't believe me? Ask yourself these questions...

Have you fallen into a trap of "stress eating?"

How is your sleep?

Do you have things on your "to-do" list that you know need to get done, but you just don't feel like peeling yourself off the couch and away from that Netflix marathon?

Now I'm not a betting guy, but I'd be willing to slap down a 10-dollar bill on the bar and wager that you have been allowing at least one area of your life to be hampered or hindered by the effects of worry and stress-I know I sure have.

The kicker is that all of these affect your health and your immune system more than anything else.

Now we all know that our health and taking care of ourselves is the most important thing, but when you're feeling stressed, frazzled and at the end of your rope nothing else matters but getting out of that "black hole" of worry, doubt, uncertainty, stress and ultimately FEAR, right? 

Feeling nervous or uncertain about the future?

You sure ain't alone there.

The reality is that by not allowing yourself to be present now, you're missing out on life. A distracted, less than optimal version of yourself does no one any good.

This is one I've really had to own up to and take the steps necessary to correct, so believe me when I say I know what you're going through on this one.

Most importantly, a calm and relaxed mind leads to a healthy body. When the body and mind are both healthy and free of stress and worry, it reflects outwardly in the form of better decision-making, proper perspective and overall a healthier and happier life. That is just a fact. 

As the saying goes, "don't be a fool and learn from your own experience; be wise and learn from someone else's." 

I'm telling you now, be wise... learn from mine!

"My budget is stretched thin as it is. Can I afford this-especially now?"

Ahhh, yes.

The iceberg so many of us get shipwrecked on - COST. 

Let me just say that on this one, I get it. Really, I do. Totally.

To this question, I answer with another question:

Can you afford not to invest in yourself, even a little bit...especially now?

Just like flight attendants always tell you on an airplane that in the event of an emergency when those masks drop from the ceiling, you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping anyone else. A hampered or sub-par version of yourself does no one any good. 

That said, I am very aware of the budgetary constraints facing people today, which is exactly why I made access to this treasure trove of life-changing information as reasonable and as affordable as I did.

Here's the long and the short of it: you are getting at least 10 times the value of the cost of this whole course. You would have to search several different sources to get what I am showing you in one complete package. I am condensing my 26 + years of experience into one spot-just for you. 

Why? Simple. I truly believe the only way out of all this craziness is together. The more we help each other, the more we all benefit. There's just no other way.

"Who is this program designed for?"

This course was designed for everyone (and by everyone I really do mean everyone) since we are all dealing with the ever-increasing demands of the world we live in.  Self-care, sadly, tends to take a back seat to everything else....but not anymore.

  • Teachers, police/fire/first responders, military personnel, healthcare workers, grocery store workers and all other "essential workers," coping with the stress of dealing with the public as well as the increased workloads and other demands of their jobs right now
  • Unemployed /downsized/laid-off folks who might be struggling with a fear of the future, financial worry and all of the negative effects that go along with stressing about their situation
  • Business owners facing increased restrictions, lockdowns etc., decreased revenue and a total lack of certainty as to whether or not their business can or sill survive much longer
  • Parents negotiating the whole "homeschooling" and "remote learning" territories, juggling the responsibilities of work and parenting, struggling to navigate the now increased demand placed on them
  • Independent contractors or "gig workers" who may be either overworked while trying to pick up any job to make ends meet, or those whose primary income streams have dried up and who are now struggling to get by since they have been working in businesses that are deemed "non-essential" (which I think personally is a joke, there is no business that is not essential; everything plays its part in making our economy run).
  • Seniors, the immunocompromised and those struggling with anxiety over lack of visitation with families, those who might feel scared or alone, those dependent on others for basic necessities, those struggling with underlying health issues that stress takes a particularly hard toll on.

You get the idea... anybody and everybody can benefit from putting these ideas into practice, but I have found folks over 40 really appreciate the simplicity and to-the-point nature of what I have to offer.

"OK, you got me. I'm on board. How does this work?"

I'm glad you asked!  Here's how this works:

  • Step 1 - Click on the link and purchase the Back Pocket ZEN program for only $27
  • Step 2 - Login to access the full course and get started straightaway! 
  • Step 3 - Use the resources in the guide and the daily checklist to get the full benefits 
  • Step 4 - Enjoy a relaxed, calm, more peaceful, more fulfilling and overall happier life!

it's really that simple, yet that profound.

"Do you offer refunds?"

Due to the fact that this is a digital product, and the fact that I am condensing over 26 years of training and experience into 1 very reasonably priced course, we do not offer refunds, and here's why...

One principle I have found to be as true as the day is long is that if you get just one usable piece of information from a book, course or video it is worth the price 10 times over.

That said, I can say with full confidence that after giving the course a go, a refund will be the last thing on your mind!

In fact, when you see (and feel) how quickly and easily this course works, how much less stressed you begin to feel and how much more calm and clear your mind is, the only "R" word you'll be mulling around in the old noggin will be "referral!" 

Still on the fence? Think about this... 

Take a second, close your eyes and imagine where you could be one day or even one hour from now, feeling…

  • drastically decreased stress and worry
  • much less anxious 
  • much more level-headed 
  • much more peaceful and calm
  • centered and balanced, with a more positive mentality
  • much more adaptable to life's unexpected events

Imagine knowing that you have the power at will to ZAP negativity and fear, stress and worry anytime, anywhere, anyplace... 

Imagine being able to see things clearly, not clouded by fear or uncertainty…

Imagine being able to fully relax and be present without thinking of the future non-stop, endlessly rehearsing those pesky little "what-if" scenarios over and over again in your brain...

All this can be accomplished in as little as one day-or even one hour- in the time it takes to watch a few commercials on TV, a little here and a little there. 

That is not a wish; that is a reality, and the power of what I have to teach you.

Remember that you are not in this alone. No one needs to go through this by themselves-ever.

Also remember that no one is ever helpless, and that we all contain power beyond measure.

Above all else, remember to trust that all will be well...because it will be. We are all in this together. In the words of Ram Dass, "we are all just walking each other home." 

Please consider Back Pocket ZEN as my small contribution to making this world a better place for all of us.

Let me share with you what I have learned and use on a daily basis to get you to a point where you know this is true in the only way that really matters: by proving it to yourself.

 Get on board today! You're gonna love what's in store for you.

You have nothing to lose but what's been holding you back...but you have sooo much to gain. 

Let me show you how!

5 Modules


In this section you will find your detailed Action Guide E-book, meant to be used in conjunction with the videos to provide a much clearer and detailed picture of each of the basic techniques and principles, which is something you can refer back to any time!

To get the most out of this Course I highly recommend you start by giving this Action Guide a once-over before watching the videos; that way you can refer back to the E-book at any time to reinforce what you are watching.


In this section you will find  8 quick,"bite-sized" videos focusing on each simple and easy (yet unbelievably effective) technique in this system.

These are designed to be watched and followed along with, to implemented immediately, so rest assured there is no fluff or fancy stuff here, just real, usable & workable info. 


This section contains my personal "7 Day Squeegee" Workbook designed to help you begin implementing each of these techniques immediately into your daily routine.

I initially drafted this workbook in a spiral notebook  for myself to keep track of how I felt on a daily basis and to keep me on track. The beauty of this system is that while it only takes a few minutes a day, they do not need to be done all at once.

Believe me folks this is gold. In as little as one minute at a time (yeah, that's right-60 seconds) you can begin reaping the benefits of this system.


In this section, you're getting access to my very own personal "60-Second Splinter Rule Daily Checklist." (you're welcome!)

As a self-professed and quite unapologetically "lazy guy," this one is my secret weapon. I personally designed this daily checklist for my own use to make the whole process even simpler, and is something I fall back on daily.

Trust me, you will use this every day...and nothing would make me happier than you getting a ton of benefit from it, so use it and enjoy!

*Bonus Video!* HOW TO DEVELOP "FLOW"

In order to help you truly get the most out of this Course, I decided to include a BONUS Video, "How To Develop Flow."

This little gem is designed to help you truly get the most out of each of these techniques. In it I detail exactly how to mesh relaxation and movement, which is the definition of "flow" anyway, right?

Modules for this product 5

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