Learn How You Can Eliminate Stress and Calm Your Mind The "Warrior Way" HERE

Welcome to the Warrior's Circle!

Are you tired, frustrated and just plain fed up with waking up each day knowing in your heart and gut that you are destined for more than just the repetitive cycle of daily routine nonsense?

Do you ever get that feeling of restlessness that comes from knowing deep down that you are destined for great things and are capable of doing and becoming so much more...but with no real idea of what the hell to do about it?

Trust me, I get it. Boy do I ever!

My name is Robert Bartkowski and my mission is simple: sharing the skills I have acquired over the last 25+ years as a martial artist, personal fitness trainer and healing arts practitioner with those seeking to learn and apply the essence of these various "warrior ways" to live a more healthy, confident, balanced and empowered life.

it is both my mission and my passion to share the skills I have learned to awaken the WARRIOR within YOU!

Whatever you are seeking - be it functional fitness, increased mind/body connection, simple and effective stress relief, practical self-defense skills or just plain overall wellness in a holistic and balanced way - just know I got you covered. You will be stunned (in the positive sense) at just how easy it is to begin learning and applying the ancient “warrior ways for modern days.” 

What I have to share with you will give you all you need to walk through each day knowing that you are relaxed and ready for whatever life tosses your way. If you're reading this you're already walking the right path, so welcome to the Warrior's Circle and get ready...'cause you’re gonna love what’s coming up next.

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Back Pocket ZEN

Finding yourself constantly overwhelmed by feelings of stress, doubt or anxiety...with no idea how to manage it all?

Back Pocket ZEN is a hands-on workshop designed to help busy, stressed and worn-out folks 40 and over drastically lower their levels of stress, worry, doubt, fear and anxiety and replace them with feelings of calmness, clarity, peace of mind and empowerment - all in mere minutes! (like, literally, in a few minutes). Using only a few basic techniques, tips, tricks and other hacks you will go from stressed, anxious & worried to calm, peaceful and centered-and the best part is that these techniques can be done anyplace, anywhere, at any time.


Have you ever felt that twinge of doubt when thinking about what you would do should ever be attacked? Did you ever wonder if the martial arts classes you took would really work if anything, you know, ever "really" happened? Do you worry about your children, spouse or loved ones and their safety? The good news is this: you have all you need within you right now to ensure you never walk in fear again-ever. You are not a victim, and you are never helpless. You are a WALKING WEAPON. This book shows you how to tap into that power. Your journey to empowerment begins NOW.

Fuel Your Body RIGHT!

The single most overlooked aspect of living optimally is the fuel you put into your body each day. We all need to eat more fruits and vegetables each day-we all know that-but trying to do so can be a bit of a challenge, not to mention trying to find ones that are 100% non-GMO verified and 3rd party NSF certified pesticide-free...until now. There's a MUCH easier way to get all the good stuff you need daily, fueling your body to attack each day the "Warrior Way." Check out just how easy and simple it can be here.


Here is all the legal stuff (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer) we have to provide by law as an all-purpose CYA. If you suffer from long-term insomnia or perhaps have underlying masochistic tendencies, please feel free to settle in, brew a nice hot cup of coffee and enjoy.

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