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LIVING ROOM LEARNING Virtual/Distance Training

Are you looking for a way to train but can’t find anyone close by?

Do you feel frustrated that your schedule doesn’t allow you the chance to commit to a class or sessions with a qualified coach, mentor or instructor?

Does the restricted availability of gathering and the practice of social distancing make you feel like your goals and interactions have been put on indefinite “freeze?”

If so, do yourself a favor and keep reading, ’cause this is exactly what you need!

Due to repeated requests and as a result of both the high demand for and limited availability of quality instruction in the martial arts & holistic health fields, I am now accepting a limited number of qualified applicants for personalized instruction via distance learning/virtual training in the following areas:

  • Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu

  • Tai Chi Chuan

  • Self Protection Skills /Personal Defense Training

  • Functional Fitness Training (specifically geared for busy folks or those over 40)

  • Reiki Energywork / Energy Healing Sessions

My decades of experience combined with my inherent ability to transmit information effectively will put you at ease no matter what your apprehensions maybe about engaging in this type of learning. 

The right instructor has the perfect balance of ability and relatability and, if I may be so bold to say, I am proud to have developed a high degree of both!

NOTE: as my time is limited and in order to ensure a quality experience for both parties, each prospective student/client will first undergo a screening process via a one-on-one private call with me personally to discuss their goals and what they hope to accomplish through their training sessions. Remember, any relationship is an energy transfer, so it is imperative that both parties fit well together!

To see if you would be a good fit for this type of training, get in touch with me via email at robert@robertbartkowski.com and we can chat further.

Be forewarned, I do NOT deal with tire-kickers, dabblers, pissers, whiners, moaners or all other types of those folks not serious about the value of what is being offered.  I’m all about the “win-win” scenario and as such only work with those who make me better at what I do by truly listening to and applying what I have to share. 

Please re-read the last two sentences again. If it still doesn’t sound anything like you, feel free to reach out. 

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